Shakka at the O2 Academy – Review

If you’d seen my previous post on singer/songwriter, Shakka, you’ll know that I am a huge fan. However, after an unforgettable concert last week at Islington’s O2 Academy, you can now rest assured that the word ‘fan’ is an understatement..

However, before I hype about the amazing headliner, allow me to take a breather while I quickly discuss his great support acts too;

The first supporting act went by the name of Incisive. Performing his catchy songs, ‘Closer’ and ‘Sober’, I was gripped by this artist that I had only just been introduced to. His audience interaction was also top-notch with his song, ‘Can I Kick It’ getting everyone involved!

Next up, the sweet sounds of Ady Suleiman. Ady’s voice is so unique and beautiful. Along with his scat singing, he showed that he didn’t even require words to make you want to melt! He had the females in the audience swooning (..including me..) and his guitarist, Ed, was seriously talented.

Finally, I have to shout out the awesome host of the night, Jamie. This lively character had every single person in the audience laughing! He was the much-needed entertainment to fill in the sometimes slow moments in between each set.

Now, on to the man himself, Shakka. After my obsessing over his tune, ‘Rolling with Elephants’, it’s clear that I thought he’d be good. However, what I experienced on Thursday exceeded any sort of expectations I had. Mr. Two Ks began by performing songs from his previous albums and as I’ve only just jumped on to the Shakka wave, a lot of these songs were new to me. However, I was still in there with his die-hard fans, vibing to the tunes whether old or new with my personal favourite being ‘Take our Time’ from the soulful album ‘Crown Affair’. His vocal talent shone through and it seemed as though every single person in the crowd knew the words. His band were also excellent and did not miss a single beat. I was so impressed – and not just because his guitarist had the coolest afro known to man!

As if Shakka wasn’t enough on his own, he surprised the audience when he brought out the Wretch 32 and the pair performed their popular song ‘Blackout’ – I wish I could explain how absolutely MENTAL everyone went when this happened. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to via plain text so you’ll just have to take my word (and my cap locks) for it – it was MAD! Of course, BBK’s Frisco was also brought out for a little song you may have heard of called ‘Rolling with Elephants’ or something.. Now, guys, I have raved about this song enough so I won’t anymore. I’ll just simply say that I nearly passed out from how much of a turn up it was seeing it performed live – It. Was. Crazy!

All in all, the concert was incredible! Funny, lively and filled with talent from start to finish. Sadly, there is only so much you can get from a write-up of a ‘you-had-to-be-there concert’ such as this one. So guys, check out the pictures below, give Shakka a listen and do not miss the next one!


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