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Microsoft Surface X Suli Breaks

I’m sure we can all agree that sometimes public transport just isn’t fun. Buses can be stuffy, trains can be delayed and that sauna that we call the central line in summer? Leave it. However, guys, we’re in luck. Last night’s Microsoft Surface event in collaboration with the talented Suli Breaks and friends put a much-needed positive spin on our dreaded commute.

The intimate performance at The Timber Yard featured interesting perspectives on getting from A to B in the form of some chilled out spoken word. To name a few, Cecilia Knapp began the evening with a poem about gathering inspiration from the city and the people around us as we’re on our way. Nego True talked of how creatives may look distracted on the go when in fact their tablet may just be their canvas and Caleb Femi’s hilarious poem in appreciation of Giggs was a pleasant and light-hearted switch up.

Finishing the evening was Suli Breaks. He began with some classics such as Will Smith’s favourite, ‘I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate’ and ended with performing his own ’Ode to the Commute’. The piece was well-worded and gripping in true Suli Breaks style. It proved that our travels can often be the most exciting part and perhaps the best place for creativity to be born. It was also backed by an original soundtrack by David William Hearn created on a Microsoft Surface and featuring sounds from our everyday travels.

The exciting poem had the audience impressed and really understanding the value of the journey and not simply the destination. I can’t have been the only one slowly sliding away from my Uber app and contemplating picking up my Oyster card.

The night also provided a chance to get hands-on experience with the new Microsoft Surface gadgets. Versatile, fun and perfect for creatives, I could not stop playing around with their artistic features. And no, before you ask, this is not sponsored! Allow me to fangirl, guys.

So, next time the central line sweatbox has got you considering to miss Notting Hill Carnival, here’s a tip – understand that the journey is always more important than the destination. Ok, perhaps not when the destination is carnival (turn up) but you get my drift! Your tube journey could be a time for ideas, inspiration, innovation and your muse may be sat right there in front of you. Yep, just below that weirdly-coloured Australian shampoo ad.

Thanks to Microsoft and all of the great talents involved in the event and in the wise words of Uncle Suli, remember guys, don’t ever disrespect the commute.





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