Marketing Yourself In The Digital Age

“Music is the most honest craft on the planet. Unless you’re passionate and willing to give up a lot – don’t do it. You’ll make your money but you won’t make a change ..and that’s the whole point of music” – Parris OH

Serious girl power took over the Apple Store in Covent Garden on Monday as the sold out ‘Marketing Yourself In The Digital Age’ event went down.

Hosted by Kaiya Milan, the founder of Women In Music, the event allowed for a room of aspiring artists and curious creatives to hear from three of the leading young ladies in the UK music industry.


The panel consisted of:
Jacqueline Eyewe – Marketing Manager at Atlantic Records
Parris OH – Urban Promotions Manager at Sony Music UK
and Caroline SM – Editor at GRM Daily and A&R at XL Recordings


They fired endless amounts of useful advice on everything from marketing to music and being taken seriously as a woman in the industry. In positions such as these, you’ll also be shocked to find out that the women are all only in their early twenties! Crazy, I know but their achievements speak for themselves. So, if your sights are set on a career in music, take a look below for some of their advice that really stood out.


Q: Advice on marketing yourself in the digital age?

  • Social media – Use it to your advantage to get your stuff out there.
  • Know your audience – “It’s so key to know your audience and always cater to that audience” – Parris OH
  • Find your USP (Unique Selling Point) – The panel agreed that finding it and utilising it is the only way to stand out.
  • Don’t be afraid to get it wrong – “Trial and error is so important as a new artist” – Caroline SM. “It’s best to experiment in the early stages when you have the chance to” – Jackie Eyewe

Q: Advice to anyone wanting to work within music?

  • Be honest – “Unless you’re passionate and willing to give up a lot – don’t do it. It’s a lifestyle. If you fake something for 5 years, it’ll come to light and you will not prosper. Music is the most honest craft on the planet. You’ll make your money but you won’t make a change ..and that’s the whole point of music” – Parris OH
  • Commit to it – “Music is a long game, you’ve got stand the test of time – start with who you are and what you want to portray” – Jacqueline Eyewe

Q: Advice to women wanting to work in the industry?

  • Be assertive – “Assert yourself really well. If you’re not on job, you’ll be looked over” – Jacqueline Eyewe
  • Be your brand – “You shouldn’t let it [being a woman] stop you. Act professionally and be consistent with your brand. Make your brand so strong” – Caroline SM

Q: How can you be taken seriously at a young age?

“If you really feel like they’ll judge you – don’t tell them your age. Show them that you know your stuff first.” – Caroline SM


So guys, those were just some of the wise words from the informative evening. A massive thank you to the panel of female bosses for all of their tips and to Women In Music for great event! For more on Women In Music and their upcoming events, be sure to follow @KaiyaMilan and @WomenInMusic_UK.


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