London Fashion Week – Designer’s Showrooms

At this year’s London Fashion Weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to explore the magical world of the designer’s showrooms. The puzzling maze that is Somerset House was transformed as the rooms were filled with everything from rainbow-coloured clothing to Amber-Rose-style glasses.


The vibe in the showrooms was so much fun. The designers were great to speak to, I met some fellow bloggers and there was champagne! There was a lot of champagne..


Anyway, this little adventure meant that there were many new and hitherto undercover designers that I fell in love with. It is unbelievable how much talent there is in the fashion industry but their voices aren’t usually heard over the Burberrys, Balmains and Balenciagas..


..and so we arrive here at this post! I could list for days about every piece I wanted to steal from display however, to stop this post from being a dramatic length (..and to retain my sanity), I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite pieces from this season’s event.


  1. Coats by Phiney Pet


After seeing room after room filled with monochrome pieces, Phiney Pet’s designs were so refreshing! They were all so colourful, playful and different. Though these coats aren’t necessarily something I’d wear, they stood out to me for their creativity. Plus, the girl behind these designs was a sweetheart!

  1. Jumpers by Yang Du



Again, the bright colours attracted me to Yang Du’s designs. I found these jumpers so interesting and (literally) fierce.

  1. Hat by Christian Cowan-Sanluis



This talented hat-designer, Christian Cowan-Sanluis has had his hats worn by Lady Gaga and Rita Ora and you can see why. His hats are so creative and this is my favourite!

  1. Bags by MayraFedane


Not only are these bags eye-catching but after speaking to Mayra herself, I fell in love with the concept – EthnoPop. Ethnic and traditional designs mixed with the colours and playfulness of pop art.


  1. Body chain by OnlyChild


OnlyChild was the final designer I visited and I was in heaven. This body chain had to be on the list as it is beautiful and unlike anything I had seen before. Kelly Jackson, the designer behind the amazing jewellery, was also so lovely and clearly passionate about the unique pieces.


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