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Industry In The Streets – Youth Takeover

As a music blogger, I end up at many events, seeing similar talent do similar things and singing similar songs and after a while, nothing can really surprise me! So, I must thank Industry in The Streets (IITS) for changing that with their Youth Takeover event. With fresh faces, cool collaborations and more talent than could fit on the stage, let’s just say that the event was a refreshing reminder of how much skill there is in the young creative community.

Held in Shoreditch at the artsy bubble that is Rich Mix, IITS put on a showcase of great new talent. I was blown away as the evening included everything from energetic rappers to soulful singers and even on-stage beat production. The room was filled with good vibes, good music and good people with everyone feeling the acts that performed. There was even an open mic competition giving the audience a chance to get involved in the show.

Though there were many brilliant acts, a few seriously stood out and made for a memorable night. Firstly, a rapper by the name of Narko. His stand-out bars were gripping and had me continuously backtracking to make sense of his witty words. Next up, courtesy of the beautiful sounds of Ndebele Melissa, I was introduced to french neo-soul. As if her breathtaking voice wasn’t enough, her use of the french language made her performance that much more captivating.

Finally, I must discuss my favourite act of the night, Ryan De La Cruz. Everything about his performance was a welcomed surprise from the unique voice to his guitar skills to his soulful remixes of grime tunes – yes, you read that correctly. Before the show, I didn’t think that it was possible to make “trapping in the bando” and “dem boy paigons” sound so passionate but Ryan succeeded in proving me otherwise. This made the performance distinct, comical and his unmistakeable stage presence kept the whole theatre engaged. Together with the beautiful music, it felt as thought he built a great connection with the audience.

However, one of the best things about the night had to be the fact that performances weren’t even needed for a good time. The DJ kept the tunes coming in between parts having everyone turning up and rejecting the whole point of a ‘break’. Cool little stalls were also dotted around the theatre selling colourful clothes, accessories and more and the community vibe at the event made networking and meeting new people easy.

So, a massive congratulations to IITS founder, Fusion for being able to showcase some amazing talent and put together a great evening – I can’t wait for the next one!

For more information about the amazing organisation that is Industry In The Streets, make sure you go over to their site.




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