Hey homies!

Get excited as this week we’re bringing back the 4-minute motivation! This one is on ‘how not to die’..

Unfortunately, I won’t be issuing out tips on the best way to avoid a car crash or letting you know how to make a potion that’ll let you live forever (maybe next time). However, what I can offer you is 4 minutes of me talking with the eventuality that you’ll feel inspired and motivated afterwards – sound fair? Excellent.

This is a message that I’ve wanted to share for a long time and recently, it couldn’t be any more relevant. From amazing work experience opportunities to now presenting for great platforms, I have been overwhelmed by how my life has changed since first learning and understanding ‘how not to die’. So now it’s your turn!

I hope this video is helpful to you and if it is – please share it. Share it with your squad. Share it with your family. Maybe even your goldfish – I don’t judge.

Have a great week and see you on the next post!




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