House of Vans – Open House

Right, own up! Whose idea was it to turn simple, gritty railway arches into an extremely cool underground venue?

Well, whoever’s it was… well done! Last Saturday, the impressive venue that is House of Vans opened their arches to the public. They held an amazing open house event in collaboration with somewhereto_ – an incredible organisation that offers creative spaces for free.

The day consisted of everything from music performances to fashion shows and even live art works. The numerous photography sessions that took place also meant that I got my picture snapped more than a couple of times.. Finally, there was film-screening which took place – curated by my buddies at Word On The Curb. With the masses of young creatives that turned up, networking was also on the agenda! The event provided an excellent opportunity to schmooze with some like-minded individuals.

On a more personal note, for me, the event was like a mini-reunion with a few familiar faces. For those that don’t know, I used to be a jerker! ..and if you don’t know what that is, jerking is a dance style that was super popular when I was about 15! Anyway, through the dance craze, I was able to meet tons of creative young people – many of whom were at the event on Saturday. Clearly the glo-up-gods had worked their magic as my fellow former footworkers were now musicians, models and some were still dancing – professionally! To add, Vans were the only shoes that jerkers ever wore so let’s just say that I felt right at home in the arches!

Overall, if I had to sum up the event in one word, I’d say that it was unique. From fashion shows to art demos, there was always something creative happening to keep you entertained. Moreover, the fact that House of Vans is a bunch of genuine railway arches transformed into an awesome skatepark venue really added to the artistic energy in the air.

In the words of my friend, medical student and photographer on the day, Hussain Al-Jabir, “I wouldn’t usually have the chance to do this sort of thing. However, the event provided a rare opportunity to allow anyone and everyone to express their creativity”. A great quote that really summed up what was an excellent open house.

Have a look at some of my snaps from the event and for more on somewhereto_ and House of Vans, check out their sites!


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