Girls Talk London: Presenting Masterclass

This evening, media-minded, ambitious females such as myself flocked to the heart of Soho. No, not for clubbing or drinks! We were in fact in the Bauer Media building in Golden Square for Girls Talk London’s: Presenter, Public Speaking & Confidence Masterclass.


This remarkable event began with a talk from Paul Sylvester, Deputy Content Director at Absolute Radio. He shared with us his top tips for public speaking and covered everything from personality and planning to nerves and a naked audience..


This was before four panelists joined him for an exciting Q&A. On the panel was David McQueen, international speaker and coach, Chams, confidence coach and CEO of F4M models and finally, KISS FM’s Tinea Taylor and Charlie Tee.


The panel fired crazy amounts of useful information at us however, I have kindly condensed it into a manageable post for you guys – aren’t I nice!?


So, for all of you aspiring radio presenters out there, here are some questions that were asked and the advice that was given.


Q: Where do I start?


  • Community radio – Tinea & Charlie from Kiss both started here and look where they are now!
  • Work with a big company and start from the bottom – Even as an assistant’s assistant, it’s all experience and you will have the chance to work your way up.
  • ANYWHERE – Take every and any opportunity that comes your way. You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn or where it could take you!


Q: How do I approach people in the industry?


  • Start with a sexy subject line – Alright, not necessarily ‘sexy’, the alliteration just sounded good.. BUT when emailing, make sure the subject line is eye-catching!
  • Only show them your best stuff – Sending a demo or a showreel? Keep it short and sweet.
  • Personalise it – Do your research on who you’re speaking to and personalise the message. Studies show that if your message is a ‘copy and paste to everyone’ type arrangement, it has a 99.9% chance of being deleted! #truestory
  • Ask how they are – Whoever you’re getting in touch with is human too – be polite!


Q: How can I be taken seriously at a young age?


  • Know your s**t – *ahem*, pardon my French but in short, the panel agreed that if you know your stuff, people will have no choice but to take you seriously!
  • Get some ‘gravitas’ – This quality, introduced by David, is an unmistakable presence and confidence. He says “if you show that you’re confident, no one can take that from you”.


Q: Anything else important?


  • Don’t copy – be yourself! – You don’t want to be a “tesco-value version of Sarah Cox”.
  • Get some sleep – Manage your time and make sure you’re well-rested.
  • No boyfriends (yet!) – This subject literally turned the room into a Jeremy Kyle set. The general consensus was that early in your career, guys can be a distraction! Well said by Madeline McQueen – “if he’s not waiting, he’s not worth it!”
  • Focus on your goals and you’ll succeed – Speaks for itself.


So, that was the amazing event squeezed into 500 words! All that is left to say is, thank you all for reading and thank you to Girls Talk London for an inspiring event!


For more information about Girls Talk London, check out their site:




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