Drake.. Are you feeling okay?

It’s safe to say that I love Drake. From ‘Thank Me Later’ to ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, musically, he continues to deliver. So with the release of his latest song, ‘Hotline Bling’ – the tune naturally became my jam! It stayed on repeat, featured in one of my YouTube videos and Drake even seemed to get me feeling emotional over that big-booty ex that I never had.. However, as the release of the video followed – so did some serious confusion. After enduring what seemed like the creepiest four minutes of my life – I had to genuinely wonder.. Drake.. babes.. darling.. honey.. are you feeling okay?


Drake Dance


We all know that the 28-year old rapper can be a little strange. We can’t forget how he randomly befriended Brixton’s finest export, Sneakbo. Then, how he publicly became rap’s number one sideman after being rejected by Nicki, then Rihanna ..and then Nicki. Of course, after all of this rejection, there’s really only one thing Drake can do, right? Become a South London roadman, get Skepta to be your best friend and tattoo ‘BBK’ on his shoulder. Duh.

I told you he was strange.


Drake BBC


This is why his latest stunt is simply in true Drake fashion. The ‘Hotline Bling’ video features an unusual amount of dad-dancing, a pretty offensive salsa and enough cringey bops to make you want to ‘shutdown‘ your computer (see what I did there?) He makes weird moves around hot girls and also has us questioning how a musician could be so out of time. However, his grooving isn’t even the weirdest part. It’s the fact that Drake looks convinced that he’s doing a good job! The confidence in every stride is what makes the video so confusing for me but then again, it’s what makes the video memorable. So, whether this was a stunt to gain exposure or a genuine attempt at a dance video – it’s worked. Thus far, the rapper has totalled up millions of views on YouTube and he has had the whole internet going crazy. Therefore, we must hand it to Mr. Graham. He’s provided us with 2015’s strangest video, made us all laugh and although he cannot dance – he’s still our good ol’ Champagne Papi.





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